A wide range of media, from web design and development to art production and audio design. Everything is possible with multiple skills
Web Design

Immersive online experiences. Effective not only as marketing outlets but also as visually engaging pieces with the right approach regarding functionality and interactivity.


Engaging visuals that drive and enhance every user experience. Keen eye for detail and an appreciation for images that are sophisticated and elegant.


A creative approach will always aim at steering tech conventions, development and languages towards ideas that are functional but also visually appealing and appropriate conceptually

Adobe Creative

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, Fireworks...

Video & Motion Graphics

Editing, Animation, Optimisation.

Music and Sound Design

Songwriting, Arranging, Effects, Editing and Production


  • nasa
    Nasa reports
  • wimbledon
    Wimbledon Minisite
  • pelaez
    Pelaez Car Parts Website
  • wcup2
    World Cup Live Interactive Infographic
  • wcup
    World cup match
  • bluesdcweb
    BLUES D.C. Music Festival website
  • f1
    Formula 1 minisite

who am I?

And why so serious?

Ivan David Amaya is a Web - Digital Creator, Visual Artist, Producer and Musician based in London, UK.

He has done Marketing content, Graphic/Web Design, Digital Illustration and rich media for various clients including Online and Printed Publications, News Agencies, Communication Companies, Artists and Musicians among others.

He received a BA in Visual Arts from the Xaverianan University and an MBA from the University of Wales in order to acquire some business sense and commercial awareness as a complement to his work as a digital developer.

A self taught musician, he also handles songwriting, guitars vocals and all visual duties in the Progressive Cinematic band Opensight


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Ivan David Amaya